Portable System HT-7000B / HT-7600

Main Features:

  • Designed in accordance to ISO and IEC914
  • Single, Multiple and many groups can be used simultaneously.
  • Equipped with three groups of 9P-DIN pus for system connecting normally it’s workable for 35 units m each circuit. The system can be extended to 200 units at most.
  • Built-in feedback reduction circuit.
  • Buiit-in telephone interface for telephone conference.
  • “MIC on” restriction : l/5/open configurable.
  • Red indicator light on the MIC.
  • Auto-off function :The microphone would close automatically in 35 seconds if there is no speech.
  • Equipped with balanced circuit output socket, unbalanced circuit output socket and both sides circuit output socket for connecting other kinds of equipment.
  • Power Consumption : 115W

Chairman unit {HT-7000BC/HT-7600C/HT7000AC)

  • Priority facility.
  • Frequency response: 100-16000HZ
  • Sensitivity : -44±2dB
  • Priority & ON/OFF button.

Delegate unit(HT-7000Bd/MT-7600d/HT7000Ad)

  • Frequency response: 100-16000HZ
  • Sensitivity: -44±2dB
  • ON/OFF button on the microphone.


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