IP Network Based

  • Deploy rapidly – Utilizing an existing data network, connecting your facilities and adding paging, text, and controls takes very little time
  • Perfect for district wide and local campus communications including weather related notifications, emergency, and lock down situations
  • Get your message out quickly and reliably – whether recorded or live, it can be broadcast in less than 20 seconds to an unlimited number of IP speakers, computer screens, and overhead paging systems
  • Network time server synchronized clocks – Require no maintenance or budget for additional hardware; perfect for daylight savings and schedule changes
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) – Speakers can be placed anywhere network access is available

System Control and Security

  • District wide system manageability
  • Programming, configuration and system supervision can be administered from multiple locations via the Graphical User Interface (GUI) from any secure LAN location or outside the network through VPN
  • Multi-user management, configurable security access level for bell scheduling, notifications, changing zone assignments, etc…
  • Unlimited customizable bells and schedules
  • Facilitates communication with campus personnel – in K-12 applications, district personnel can broadcast to the entire district, campus, building, zone, classroom, even an individual IP speaker
  • Multiple, simultaneous schedules can be broadcast within the same facility – have one bell schedule for kindergarten and other schedules for other grade, each schedule can have different tones and played only in the designated classrooms
  • Flexible bell tones – broadcast recorded tones, music, or audio clips as part of your schedule

Additional Communication & Control Options

  • Desktop Agent audible messages can generate simultaneous computer screen text messages, alerts can be sent audibly or silently to individual computer screens or user groups
  • Integrate building control and communications -software plug-in DORA (Direct Observation Real-time Alerting) can be integrated with existing safety and security systems providing additional notification and messaging Live, prerecorded or ad hoc messages along with coi data is sent over existing or new multicast enabled local area networks to Atlas Sound IP Speaker and z controller end points powered by AF compliant POE switches (or local DC power).
  • This software / hardwt combination provides a true'”one wire” network aud solution reducing the initial cost and eliminating lon; term maintenance of separate paging / intercom sys ControlKom employs standard TCP/IP network proto and DHCP for speaker IP address assignment making the industry’s first true IP based paging solution.
  • ControlKom is easily interfaced with any VoIP or ana PBX phone systems (analog extension output or ATA required). Configuration of the server based Control! software is accomplished via an intuitive web interfs This interface allows the administrator to easily defi user privledges, loudspeaker zones, pre recorded messages and other system. ControlKom then provid the user with voice prompt instructions for message (live or ad hoc) and desired broadcast zone destination.
  • ControlKom software distribution is limited to dealers who complete training requirements. Contact Atlas Sound for details.

Hardware Requirements

  • Windows'” 2000 or 2003 Pentium-class server
  • 2.5 GHz processor and 1 GB RAM
  • Multicast-enabled network •Atlas Sound IP Speakers and Zone Controllers
  • IEEE 802.3AF Compliant PoE Switches


CK-K12-24  ControlKom Software, Live, Pre-Recorded, Ad Hoc Messaging, Scheduler, Desktop Agent Compatible (Includes 5 Seats) K-12 Applications ONLY. Supports 24 IP Speakers.
CK-K12-48  Same as Above for Supports of 48 IP Speakers.
CK-CLASSIC  ControlKom Software, Live, Pre-Recorded Ad Hoc Messaging, Scheduler.
CK-PLUS  ControlKom Software, Live, Pre-Recorded. Ad Hoc Messaging, Scheduler, Desktop Agent Compatible.
CK-ENT  Enterprise Version of ControlKom Softwa;Live, Pre-Recorded, Ad Hoc Messaging, Scheduler, Desktop Agent Compatible, Region Functions.

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