Digital Acoustics’ SIP Media Gateway (SMG) interfaces IP7 Intercom and Paging End-Points to SIP 2.0-capable VoIP Phone Systems. SMG facilitates intercom, overhead paging and door/gate release operations from central office telephones or remotely using mobile phones. The modular, IP edge-device design provides for superior scalability in applications of all sizes-assuring success today and in the future.

VoIP – SIP Media Gateway Intercom and Paging VoIP Software bridge

  • Manage IP Intercom and Paging communications anywhere there is a phone
  • Roll-over intercom calls to cell phones
  • Activate door/gate access via phone key pad
  • Make overhead pages to pre-configured zones
  • Integrates with TalkMaster Enterprise Edition Server or operates Stand-Alone
  • SMG runs on a standard Windows® PC
  • Intercoms and Paging Endpoints are assigned extensions numbers on the SIP phone system
  • Paging Endpoints can be grouped together and assigned a single extension number
  • Intercoms can place calls to extension numbers or phone numbers through the SIP Phone system
  • SIP Phone system can call any extension number assigned in SMG


  • Easy setup and configuration
  • SMG runs Standalone or as a Console connected to TMEE Server
  • Use Phones to answer and converse with IP Intercom
  • Transfer calls to mobile phones
  • Use a single SIP Extension to page a group of Intercoms or Paging Endpoints
  • Compatible with SIP 2.0 compliant VoIP phone systems

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