GLOBALCOM is a new series of Announcement Control Systems that are network-centric to eliminate the need for large head-end equipment room installations. It moves processing and intelligence to the edge of the network, yet maintains overall system control and management at the core. This innovative distribution system simplifies installation and significantly reduces costs by integrating with industry-standard structured cabling and network infrastructure.

The core application for GLOBALCOM is the 1000vACS Virtual Announcement Control System software. This application operates on commercial off-the-shelf Microsoft Windows servers or the dedicated 1100 and 1200 series hardware platforms from IED. The network-centric architecture provides announcement management of IED network appliances and comprehensive audio and visual messaging services. The unprecedented scalability of the 1000vACS allows it to be economically used in systems requiring only a few zones or in diverse systems requiring thousands of zones and control points. IED is committed to reducing hardware requirements in order to maintain system effciency and reduce power consumption in any installation.

IED is the world leader in advanced paging systems. GLOBALCOM and the 1000vACS mark the next generation Announcement Control System for IED, and it is the choice for superior paging and messaging services in facilities of all sizes.


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