Innovative Electronic Designs (IED) has been a leader in mass communications for over 30 years. With systems installed worldwide in airports, convention centers, healthcare facilities, government complexes, and industrial buildings, IED is familiar with and understands the primary needs of any messaging system. Reliability is essential, with simplified user interfaces and system flexibility for future changes and expansion being critical elements as well. IED’s ability to consistently achieve these goals, combined with their unmatched experience in the audio industry, has placed them in a position to provide messaging systems that exceed customer expectations.

LANcom SCS was designed to meet the ever-increasing technical needs of educational facilities, providing campus-wide communication systems with just the right features to beneft students, faculty, administrators, and the education system as a whole.


The LANcom SCS is a family of complete technology solutions that are designed to improve student engagement, increase the safety and security of your school and its students, and simplify campus-wide communications. Each system is completely scalable with features that meet the needs of any size school.
LANcom SCS offers unique features that are unmatched in the industry:


  • Network based, all digital solution that utilizes existing or new network infrastructure to eliminate costly separate classroom systems.
  • Professional, full bandwidth, CD-quality audio is featured in all endpoints for optimum intelligibility
  • Intuitive software centralizes and confgures schedules, zones, messages, and bell tones
  • Multi-layered security structure allows authorized user access in defned zones from any web enabled workstation
  • Standard CAT5e or better and  fber optic cabling offer tremendous cost savings for schools with existing organized cable infrastructures
  • Whether your school has as few as twenty classrooms or as many as fve hundred, the LANcom SCS system can provide classroom Amplified Learning®, ensure your student’s safety, and deliver real-time audio/visual messaging and media playbackthat promotes accelerated learning.


LANcom SCS includes functions that typical systems do not:

  • Mass and Zone-Controlled Notification
  • Multifunction Messaging (Audio and Video)
  • Amplifed Learning®
  • Bell Scheduling and Clock Synchronization
  • Full-Duplex (Open Line), Two-Way Intercom
  • Integration with Emergency (Fire, Tornado,Security, Etc.) Signals

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