Thirty Eight Years before India attained independence from the British Empire, Late Mr. Gianchand Chandumal Motwane envisioned an independent idea of an Indian Public Address Manufacturer. The journey which started in 1909, has been fruitful one. One that has with-stood the test of times. Here’s a snapshot of the Motwane’s oddesy over the last several decades:

Late Mr. Gianchand Chandumal Motwane who, in 1909, founded the business which is now known as Motwane Private Limited.

Business grew to such proportions that within only three years, that is, in 1912, moved his headquarters to Karachi.

Mr. Motwane opened his doors in Bombay on 1st April 1919, to take care of his growing business of telephones and installation of telephone equipment. He named this company Chicago Telephone Supply Co.

Motwane leadership in this field was acknowledged and so, in 1923, he earned the distinction of being specially invited to attend the Wireless Conference, the first ever in India, held in the Office of the Director General of Posts & Telegraphs at New Delhi.

Changed the name of Chicago Telephone Supply Co. to Chicago Telephone & Radio Co., as the company had by that time been dealing in radio, telecommunication and loud-speaker equipment.

The company was converted into a limited liability company.

With a modern manufacturing plant at Bangalore, six offices and hundreds of employees all over the country, Motwane today is a thriving business that looks forward to a future with confidence and courage. Motwane represents companies of world repute in the U.S.A., U.K., Canada and Japan for the latest generation of hi-tech products which a rapidly developing country like India needs.