IED System Features:

  • Designed from the outset for integrated audio and visual communications
  • Adapts to a variety of network architectures
  • Interface and Control for any type of Visual Display
  • Patented,  Synchronized Visual  Announcements
  • Provides fixed, assembled and Text-To-Speech messaging in multiple languages
  • Messages are stored and can originate from both the Command Center and local Stations
  • Comprehensive monitoring and self-testing supervision of the entire system
  • Full DSP signal processing for Equalization, Ambient Analysis
  • Complete reporting and logging of all system activity
  • Customized Management & Control Applications with Graphical User Interfaces for System Users
  • Interfaces to any type of information source
  • Software Architecture is built on IT industry standards

Integrated Transit Systems Consist of four Primary Elements:

  • Command Center System (Primary & Backup)
  • Integrated Station Systems (controllers)
  • Audio System for Announcements and messaging
  • Visual System for Announcements, Messaging and Information (ADA Compliance)
  • Monitoring and Supervision
  • Interfaces with Operational Database, Train Tracking, SCADA, etc.

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