Motwane specialises in Conference Communication Systems and related facilities such as Professional Audio Systems, Public Address and Paging, and Simultaneous Interpretation Systems.


Motwane  is  dedicated  to  the  application  of  the  latest  state  of  the art technology in the achievement of excellence and today the product
range is not only the most technically sophisticated but also the most flexible. Infra-red technology also features strongly in the product range. The latest multi-channel wireless audio distribution system.


A substantial part of the Company’s output is customised and the extreme flexibility of the product range and the manufacturing facilities enable almost any variation to be supplied.

Most custom requirements are limited to architectural features. We undertake changes in facilities or operating modes and to create applications specify software.


  • Automatic Discussion Systems provide immediate sound reinforcement in Meeting Rooms, and in Company Board Rooms.
  • Micro-processor controlled Conference Systems provide control of meeting for Council Chambers and in multi-purpose conference halls.
  • Computer Controlled Integrated Microphone, Voting, and Card-Reader Systems provide the most sophisticated facilities for large chambers and Conference Centers.
  • Micro-processor controlled Simultaneous Interpretation Systems can be either portable or permanent .
  • Many products have wider applications outside the conference room, such as for Courtroom Systems, Hotel Meeting Rooms, Art Galleries, Museums and tourist attractions.


Motwane  is  primarily  a  specialist    Systems  Design  a  Manufacturing organisation  which  can  supply  complete  systems  as  a  package. All systems are designed and built to individual order. Full documentation, including    cable    and    installation    data    is    provided    by    the supplier and factory engineers are available to assist on site.

For those users who do not sub-contract, Motwane can fulfil the overall requirements for supply and installation.

Motwane has proud record for after-sales service. First-line service facilities are always provided through factory trained regional offices and factory engineers are on stand-by to support any user with serious problem.

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