Many Council Chambers, large Boardrooms and multi-purpose rooms used for large conferences require remote control facilities for the microphones so that they can be switched on and off by an operator working under the instructions of the Chairman. This enables large meetings to be conducted in controlled manner and is essential in International conferences where Simultaneous Interpretation is used.

The micro-processor controlled Conference System is controlled remotely from a control console with push button switches and indicators. It can be used in Delegate control or Central control modes and requests are stored in queuing order with next speaker indication. For structured meetings, the AUTO control switches microphones sequentially in queuing order.

Legislative and International Conference Centers generally require full range of Facilities including Microphone and Sound Reinforcement System, Voting, Simultaneous Interpretation and ancillary systems such as CCTV, Archive Recording, Press Distribution Systems and Broadcast or Teleconference Interfaces. There is invariably an element of custom design required and in view of the interdependence of the various systems it is preferable that the whole is designed and supplied as a package.

The Integrated Microphone, Voting, and Card-Reading System is central to the technical facilities. It is computer controlled with an intelligent micro-processor based network of Delegate stations. The same electronics package provides all three facilities.  The simplified cable post system enables portable systems to be set up quickly and connected without the necessity for any technical skills, and fixed systems do not require junction boxes or trunk splitters.

The system is software based. Speakers’ name and requests are displayed on the video screen which may also be repeated at the Chairman’s station.

The screen also displays the voting results and individual votes are recorded on a print-out. Speakers’ name, voting results and messages can be displayed in the Conference Hall using alpha-numeric sign panels, and custom voting panels with individual results can also be provided. The card reader facility for delegate identification avoids the need for preassigned seating and also offers a security system to prevent unauthorised access to the system.

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