HT-7200 HT-7100

Main Feaures:

  • Designed in accordance to ISO and IEC 914digital conf-system
  • Furnished with vote and sign in function.
  • Embedded and portable configuration is optional (HT 7100).
  • The system can support 70 units and can be extended upto 200
  • Units with additional power supply.
  • Equipment are easy to connect and maintain.
  • Build-in telephone interface for telephone conference.
  • Unidirectional electric MIC and crisp voice loudspeaker.
  • The system automatically calculates vote results and stores into database.
  • Self-check: Auto check on working status to find out mistakes and have it revised.
  • Vote manner : yes/no/abstain.
  • FIFO mode : first in, first out.
  • Can be used with computer and video camera to make video Camera auto-track.
  • Build-in feedback reduction circuit and volume control.

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