Portable System

Common Mainframe HT-7700/HT-3100

Main Features:

  • Designed accordance to CE, CB and CCC standards.
  • The system power supply for ail the delegate units is provided by the main frame at 24V safe voltage.
  • Built in power supply cevice anc signal amplifier can support more groups.
  • The system can be extended to 150 units at most
  • Four groups of 9P-DIN plugs for system connection
  • Can offer power and data communication socket for video processor
  • Possess output socket fo’ audio equipment
  • Can be offered with or without vobng facility.
  • Equipped with BALANCE socket for connection interface voting result device.
  • Built-in telephone interface fo’ telephone conference
  • Built-in volume control
  • Built-in 2 x 50W amplifier (100 W)
  • Built-in monitor loudspeaker (1W)
  • System volume control
  • Equipped for AUX input socket, and the volume control
  • Equipped for wired microphones input socket
  • Equipped with nine LED audio frequency indicator lights
  • Digital csoay anc working mode indicator lamp on the panel
  • Equipped with three buttons for choosing mode: set / mode / enter
  • Power consumption : 550W
  • Support the function of video camera auto-track.
  • “MIC Auto-off” function

HT-7700C Chairman Unit
HT-7700d Delegate Unit

  • Designed by the latest digital technology.
  • 1.5m long cable with 9P-DIN plugs for system connection.
  • High quality condenser cartridge equipped with windshield cover.
  • The red indicator lamp shows the state of the microphone.
  • When the microphone is on, the built-in loudspeaker and the neighboring linking delegates loudspeaker are muted automatically to prevent feedback.
  • Equipped with an earphone output jack and a RECORD output jack.
  • Microphone has vobng functions.
  • Chairman override facility.
  • Frequency Response : 100 -13 KHz
  • Sensitivity: -44 =\- 2dB

HT-3100c Chairman Unit / HT-3 100d Delegate Unit Embedded System

  • Chairman override facility.
  • Equipped with an earphone output jack and wireless mic input Jack.
  • Indicative sound for chairman unit (optional)
  • With voting functions.